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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Good news everyone - the recession is over!

Although the latest stats are telling us that the British economy is now out of recession, the reality for British workers and their families is somewhat less optimistic. As we approach the elections, all 3 of the main parties are talking about how to overcome the massive debt that has been raked up in bailing out the banks, and all 3 seem to be in agreement that spending less on public services is the best way. This decision would be catastrophic for us. In order to save money, Labour, the Tories and the Lib Dems would slash jobs, freeze pay and attack existing conditions in areas such as local/regional government, job centres, tax centres etc which will result in pay cuts at best and the dole queue at worst!

As well increasing pay in line with inflation for the public sector, I believe we should look at cutting money in renewing the Trident missile system (which is in effect under the control of the USA anyway), withdraw military personel from the middle east, scrap the highly unpopular ID cards scheme and tax the rich - after all, in a nut shell, it is there insatiable greed that has got us into this position, therefore they should be made to pay!

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