Wednesday, 23 December 2009


Nepal is the most recent communist country. Basically instead of taking comrade Lenin's revolutionary approach. They have taken Rosa Luxembourg peaceful method of gradually installing the idea of Marxism,following Cyprus' example.

This is truly great news, showing communism to be something that the majority would want and not just a militant band of rebels.

Nepal is the world's youngest republic, doing away with their monarchy on December the 10th 2007. Abandoning their previous absolutist monarchy, first faced by a communist movement in the early 90's.

Interestingly Nepal was the first Asian country to legalise same sex marriages and one of the first to do away with the death penalty.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Opinion Polls

Good news every one!

Opinion poll from the 15th of December shows that Labour are gaining faith again, and that the Conservatives are heading downwards!

However I feel that if Labour are ever going to do anything worth doing, they must abandon this 'New Labour' and revert back to the old. OH and do away with the Arch feminist!

Interestingly it also shows an increase in 'other' support. Fortunately , Plaid, SNP and the CPB are getting more support. Unfortunately the BNP and Green are getting more support, bad times.

Welsh Activist

A Welsh-language campaigner has been jailed for a month following a direct action campaign against major high-street stores' lack of bilingual language services.

In April 2008, Osian Jones from Dyffryn Nantlle protested against big retailers in north Wales, including Boots and Superdrug, over their lack of basic services for customers in Welsh.

Mr Jones was fined around £1,000 for a campaign of graffiti and sticker posting at branches of the high-street chemists but had refused to pay.

At a hearing in Caernarfon magistrates' court on Wednesday, Mr Jones was sentenced for non-payment.

The action was part of the Welsh Language Society's campaign for a new language Act to covering these retailers, in order for the language to be promoted and normalised in everyday life.

Speaking before his sentence, Mr Jones said: "The companies we use day to day don't do enough to reflect the nature of Welsh communities with high numbers of people who speak Welsh as a first language.

"Hopefully my imprisonment will make other people realise how bad these companies really are and how little respect they show to Wales. After all, all we want is for these companies to let the Welsh language live and thrive."

Speaking after the verdict, Welsh Language Society chairwoman Menna Machreth Jones said: "Osian took this step because the people of Wales don't have the right to see and use the Welsh language.

"It's very sad that we're got a system which puts the profits of large multinational companies ahead of the right for everyone in Wales to enjoy the Welsh language.

"These companies who show extreme disregard for Welsh do not deserve compensation."

By Paddy McGuffin

(First published in the Morning Star 25.11.09)

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Copenhagen Conference.

Hello, and thanks for reading!

Is it just me or does this Copenhagen Conference seem a bit pointless?
I mean world leaders gathering from all corners across world to discuss how to combat global warming. Are we really that arrogant that we think we change something we have no power over what-so-ever?

I'm all for using alternative means of producing energy, because, well we're running out of fossil fuels.

You know it's such a good thing, all the world's leaders coming together in their private jets.
Correct me if i'm wrong but arn't planes one of the biggest polluters?Ahh the hypocrisy.

Why couldn't the world leaders think of another way to debate, oh i don't know like, say for example a live chat over the internet with webcams? Surely that would be a better idea.